Croquet is a sport that involves hitting plastic or wooden balls with a mallet through hoops (often called "wickets") embedded in a grass playing court.

2 or 4

1 vs. 1,
2 vs. 2.



Game of skill

Fun Factor

Croquet is a familiar and fun outdoor game for everyone. A stylish, low-impact sport to be played with friends, taking breaks only for a sip of champagne and a nibble of hors d'oevers. With this game there are no wallflowers, everyone is quickly out hitting a blue, red, black or yellow ball clockwise through the a series of six wickets. It is known as a game of spirit, style and strategy.

History of Jenga

Game Setup and Rules

Our Croquet Set:

GoPlayOutside offers a high quality "college croquet"-type professional adult croquet set. The mallets are expertly wood turned from hard rubber wood

The regular giant jenga consists of 54 giant wooden pine blocks of approx. 200 mm length, 69 mm width, and 44 mm height. The tower starts with 18 levels at a height of about 0.8 m! This is our signature Giant Jenga set. It comes with a 300 mm by 300 mm wooden base to stack the blocks on. Additionally, a manual is supplied and its all packed inside a tough 68 litre tote storage container.

The Croquet set contains:

  ● 4 x Hard wood Mallets,
  ● 6 x Steel Hoops,
  ● 4 x Balls,
  ● 1 x Manual,
  ● 1 x Carry Bag.

Total weight: (tbd) kg, dimensions: 1100mm x 310 x 165mm
Download manual:  

Some photos of the Croquet set are provided below: